TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman linked the angry anti-Iran comments by US officials to Washington’s plan to foment Iranophobia and undermine Tehran’s relations with the international community.

Bahram Qassemi said the US authorities’ outrage at Iran and their recent furious comments are aimed at inciting Iranophobia and undermining the country’s rational relations with other countries.

The US seeks to hinder Iran’s interaction with the international community, he said.

On the US president’s threats against Iran, Qassemi said Donald Trump’s recent anti-Iran tweet was a mistake that reveals the need for the US leader to think again about his advisers.

“Trump needs to pick advisers who know Iran, know where it is located, what its history was, what ups and downs it has had, what a nation the Iranians are, and how they respond to hegemony and invasion of aliens,” the spokesman added.

His comments came after Trump warned Iran against the consequences of threatening the US, telling his Iranian counterpart in a Twitter message, “We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence & death. Be cautious!”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had earlier warned Trump not to play with the lion’s tail after Trump’s push to halt Iran’s export of oil, saying a war with Iran would be “the mother of wars” and that control over the Strait of Hormuz is only one of Iran’s advantages.