TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Badr Salman al-Mulhim, a Saudi medal winner student made an interesting move by deciding not to remain standing next to representative of the occupying regime of Israel at a medal ceremony of the 2018 International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO 2018) in the Czech Republic on Saturday.

A video surfaced in Arab social media shows al-Mulhim changing his place and standing next to Arshia Khademi who is holding an Islamic Republic of Iran’s national flag, when he realizes that the next person to him is going to be from Israel.

Arab activists in the social media praised the Saudi Arabian student’s move, who refused to remain next to a Zionist student and preferred to stand beside a Muslim Iranian student.

Many believe that this move by the scientific award-winning student shows that the people of Saudi Arabia, are not happy with the occupation of Jerusalem (al-Quds) and are opposed to the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime.

A user called Abdul Rauf Mohammed, in response to the move by Saudi student, wrote on his twitter account: I admire that nice work, free people are found anywhere.

In another tweet Ashigh Al-Hossein praising the Saudi student’s move wrote: This was expected to be done, O honorable Hijazi.