TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – 90 GB of “secure files and customer accounts” has been download from Apple’s servers by a teenager from Melbourne who is now facing criminal charges, according to a report by Australian newspaper the Age.

He accessed Apple’s backend network multiple times over a year, only to prove that he could.

He apparently did this out of love, his lawyer says because he admired the company and “dreamed of” working there. He reportedly developed multiple backdoors and evaded detection up until a raid on his parents’ home exposed a bunch of stolen files and instructions saved in a folder very obviously named “hacky hack hack.”

The report notes that the Australian police has seized two laptops, a phone, and hard drive from the teen. He also apparently relied on some sort of software to help him inside, although it’s not yet known what function this software served. He has pleaded guilty and is due next month for sentencing, iPhone in Canada reported.

While it’s still unclear exactly what part of the network infrastructure the teenager accessed, it’s quite possible that he was able to infiltrate iCloud accounts as well.

Apple is yet to issue an official comment regarding the matter.