Press Shia Agency – The revered source of emulation stated that the Islamic Seminary and the universities have ‎stood alongside each other and the unity of these two institutions is essential. He considered the ‎separation of the Islamic Seminary and universities as part of the enemies’ plan.‎

Press Shia – In a meeting with the Secretary-General and members of the Union of Islamic Student ‎Societies, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani said that the West has taken possession of the ‎Islamic sciences and emphasized, “At the time when there was no more than one university and one ‎library in all of Europe, there were great scholars in the Islamic countries and who strived and today, ‎we also must strive to emphasize the point that that the authentic sciences and knowledge comes ‎from Islam‏.‏‎”‎


The revered source of emulation said that the West has tried to close the gates of science and ‎knowledge to us and therefore, it is important to return to Islamic sciences and prove them to the ‎world, especially in the universities, to promote the Islamic humanities and demonstrate, with our ‎scientific and intellectual power, that science has been important to us, especially the humanities.‎


He said, “One of the faces of the Islamic Revolution is to demonstrate its scientific reputation. Two ‎important pillars and centres for creating the Revolution were the Islamic Seminary of Qom and the ‎universities. For this reason, the people are the followers of these two pillars and on the other hand, ‎we must know that the Islamic Seminary is always with the university and you must not distance ‎yourself from the Islamic Seminary‏.‏‎”‎


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani arguing that the Islamic Seminary of Qom always stands alongside the ‎universities, stated, “The enemies of Islam are trying to show that the Islamic Seminary and the ‎Revolution are always ineffective, while this isn’t true. Too often, the words of the officials of the ‎Islamic Seminary aren’t broadcast and for this reason, the people think that we weren’t demanding‏.‏‎”‎


The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom said, “We consider the demands because of ‎the dignity of the Islamic Seminary, although we aren’t believers in passion and clamour and we are in ‎the service of the universities in every subject of the society today. For example, we have repeatedly ‎emphasized that late fees by banks are haram [forbidden] but it doesn’t reach the ears of the officials ‎or it reaches the ears of the officials but it isn’t implemented‏.‏‎”‎


He stated, “The unity of the Islamic Seminary and the universities of today is indisputable, although ‎we were all initially seekers of knowledge and students of the school of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq. Just as ‎some of the students of the Ahlul-Bayt were the scholars of their era but the plots of the enemies ‎separated us from each other and tried to give universities a Western outlook‏.‏‎”‎


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani emphasized that throughout history, the enemies tried to close the doors ‎of knowledge to us, “All praise be to God, a result of the Islamic Revolution, power has been created  ‎such that we can always be together and with unity and sympathy, we can open the gates of ‎knowledge and science and develop its various fields.”‎


In another part of his remarks, His Eminence referred to the power, especially that of the youth, to ‎reform society said, “The Prophet Muhammad gave great importance to the youth and received a lot ‎of assistance from them for various successes, in particular the liberation of Muslim nations from the ‎domination of the Roman Empire. For this reason, you revolutionary and passionate youth must ‎realize the power of your youth‏.‏‎”‎


Referring to the fact that the Islamic Revolution was created by the youth, he said, “We are also ‎fortunate in relation to the youth and we follow the plans of the revolutionary youth and appreciate ‎you youth who are struggling to demand and revive Islamic sciences and you call on you to protect ‎your relationship with the Islamic Seminary more than before.”‎


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