Press Shia – The revered source of emulation said that there is no poverty in Islam and if poverty ‎exists in society, it is a result of not acting in the commandments of Islam.‎

Press Shia – In a meeting with a group of clients at the Imam Khomeyni Relief Committee, Grand ‎Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani emphasized that the Imam Khomeyni Relief Committee is ‎one of Imam Khomeyni’s brilliant memorials, saying, “The Imam Khomeyni Relief Committee ‎is very important and is a great lesson for the officials and supporters who don’t forget the ‎poor people of society and make them their priority‏.‏‎”‎


The revered source of emulation emphasized that poverty doesn’t exist in Islam and added, ‎‎“If poverty is created in society, it’s the result of not acting in accordance with the teachings ‎and commandments of Islam.”‎


He continued, “Islam has regulated the life of mankind such that it doesn’t lead to poverty in ‎society. By acting upon the commandments of Islam, poverty isn’t created in society. For ‎this reason, the religion of Islam has given the spoils of war to the Islamic leaders of ‎society, so that by properly utilizing them, they can eliminate poverty from society.”‎


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani stated, “In general terms, what is meant by ‘spoils of war’ is ‎minerals. Any place where minerals exist must be placed under the supervision of the ‎Prophet, Imam or the successor of the Imam. All the mineral, seas, unutilized lands, forests ‎and every land that doesn’t have a determined owner is considered as among the spoils of ‎war‏.‏‎”‎


The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom stressed that proper utilization must be ‎made on the basis of a comprehensive plan on how to use financial resources to manage ‎society. In such a situation, no poor people will remain in society‏.‏


He said that poverty is an accidental issue and said, “In society today, there are poor people ‎who need help from others such that assistance must be given to them in a planned ‎manner.”


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said, “There are a few points in Islam about poverty that must be ‎given consideration – the first is that in terms of respect for the poor, if one wants to look ‎down at the poor, he would have committed a great sin.” ‎


He emphasized, “According to the Prophet Muhammad, those who look down at the poor ‎and consider themselves separate from this class of society are not Muslims. It must be ‎noted that the emphasis of Islam is on the dignity of individuals, not their wealth and ‎therefore, everyone who takes the most steps on the path of piety is more beloved with ‎God‏.‏‎”‎


In conclusion, His Eminence stated that according to Islamic standards all people must live in ‎prosperity and said, “It’s the duty of the authorities to manage society in such a way that ‎everyone lives in prosperity. The issue of living conditions and economic problems mustn’t ‎be a cause concern to society. It’s hoped that the problems of the people will be solved ‎with the constructive efforts of the Imam Khomeyni Relief Committee to help in this way.”‎


Press Shia News Agency