Press Shia – The representative of the Supreme Leader in Mazandaran said that the great nation ‎of Iran does not compromise and does not go under the burden of oppression and added, ‎‎“This nation prefers problems and difficulties to humiliation.” ‎

Press Shia – Speaking at a meeting with members of an organization holding a memorial ceremony ‎for the 114 commanders and martyrs of Mianroud in the northern Iranian city of Sari, ‎Ayatollah Nourollah Tabarsi said that following the path that the martyrs founded was the ‎mission of today’s Islamic society and added, “The martyrs went to war against the enemies ‎to protect Islam, the Islamic Revolution and the country.”‎


The representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Mazandaran province ‎said that the sacrifices and selflessness of the warriors during the eight years of the Sacred ‎Defence [the Iran-Iraq War] were a golden leaf in the history of the Islamic Revolution that has ‎been made permanent in history and added, “The martyrs stood against the conspiracies of ‎the arrogant powers of the world and defeated the enemies with their resistance.”‎


Noting that today society needs to use the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom for its ‎advancement and development, “By using this culture, the Islamic society can overcome ‎problems and difficulties. This nation prefers problems and difficulties to humiliation.”‎


Ayatollah Tabarsi said that today, the Islamic Revolution of Iran shines in the shadow of this ‎authentic and revolutionary culture like the sun in the world, said, “Today, the dignity and ‎majesty of our country is due to the culture of resistance that must continue with power.”‎


The representative of the people of Mazandaran in the Assembly of Experts pointing out ‎that, despite all the conspiracies and hostilities of the arrogant powers against the great ‎nation of Iran, this nation is leaving these problems and difficulties behind through resistance ‎and explained, “If we want to always be victorious against the attacks and conspiracies of ‎the enemies, we must strengthen the culture of resistance amongst ourselves.”‎


He said that the martyrs had traversed the path of dignity and added, “The secret of the ‎country’s progress is its continuation of the path of the martyrs and God forbid, if this path ‎remains unfinished, we will surely be harmed in the future.”‎


Ayatollah Tabarsi emphasized on the necessity of transferring the ideals and values of the ‎Sacred Defence to the younger generation, adding, “In the face of the enemies applying all ‎of their abilities to eradicate the religious and revolutionary identity of the younger ‎generation, the only way to defeat of enemies is to take advantage of the values of the ‎Sacred Defence.”‎


In conclusion, the Friday prayer leader of Sari referred to the fact that the enemies are well ‎aware of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s holy system and is attempting to harm ‎this religious system in various ways and added, “Today, due to the blessings of the blood ‎of the martyrs, Islamic Iran has become a powerful country in various fields.”


Press Shia News Agency