Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah Ka’bi emphasized the necessity of avoiding division, bipartisanism, ‎dissension and marginalization during the Arba’in pilgrimage and said, “The enemies have ‎drawn up plans to create division between the people of Iran and Iraq.”‎

Press Shia – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Ayatollah Abbas Ka’bi, the ‎representative of the people of Khuzestan province in the Assembly of Experts, referred to ‎the epic presence of millions of people in the Arba’in pilgrimage to the Iraqi holy city of ‎Karbala and said, “This presence, with the approach of Husayni knowledge and love, the ‎renewal of the pledge of allegiance to the Husayni movement along with the slogan ‎‎‘Labbayk Ya Husayn’ [Here I am, Oh Husayn’] is meant to keep the memory of Ashura alive ‎and to gain lessons and memories from the message of Ashura.”‎


The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom argued that Ashura is alive and ‎today, confrontation against the United States and Zionism is done on the basis of the ‎school of Ashura and added, “Arba’in al-Husayn is on the threshold of fighting the arrogant ‎powers of world (November 4th). For this reason, between the pilgrimage of Arba’in and ‎fighting the arrogant powers, the ‘Great Satan’ has established a link at the head of it.”‎


Ayatollah Ka’bi argued that the struggle against the United States and Zionism was taken ‎from the school of Ashura and noted, “The Arba’in pilgrimage has the capacity of mobilizing ‎the free people of the world and to create unity between the Islamic ummah on the basis of ‎the Husayni love for confrontation against the United States and Zionism, all of which are ‎crystallized in the call of ‘Labbayk Ya Husayn.’”‎


He continued, “The contents of the pilgrimage of Arba’in are made possible by strengthening ‎the Husayni knowledge and love and renewing our allegiance to Imam al-Husayn and moving ‎along the path of jihad, sacrifice, martyrdom and preparation for sacrifice in the cause of ‎Islam, and these are the same ‘musts’ must be considered on the Arba’in pilgrimage.”‎


The revered scholar emphasized the necessity of avoiding division, bipartisanism, dissension ‎and marginalization in the Arba’in pilgrimage and said, “The enemies have drawn plans to ‎create separation between the Iranian and Iraqi people and in this regard, intelligence, ‎insight, confrontation against their plans, strengthening the bonds and unity of the two ‎countries and overcoming the sedition are necessary, although the enemies will be defeated ‎in these plans.”‎


It must be noted that Arba’in marks forty days after the Day of Ashura, the day Imam al-‎Husayn ibn Ali, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, was martyred in the Battle of Karbala in ‎‎680 CE. ‎


On the day of Arba’in, the Shi’ah faithful traditionally walk for several days or longer to reach ‎the Iraqi holy city of Karbala where crowds chant and march around the Holy Shrine of ‎Imam Husayn. This year, Arba’in will be commemorated on October 30th. ‎