TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi dismissed as “baseless” Washington’s claim about Tehran’s efforts to undermine US elections, saying that such assertions are rooted in “a kind of unknown delusion.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s principled policy is non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries,” Qassemi said in a statement late on Saturday.

“The US officials’ attempts to accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran of interference in the US congressional elections are basically false and misleading, and probably rooted in a kind of unknown delusion,” he added.

Qassemi further emphasized that the White House has sought to level accusations against other countries with “specific domestic political purposes” and each day it adds the name of a country to its delusional list.

US intelligence and law enforcement agencies on Friday claimed that foreign governments continued to try to influence US elections, including the upcoming midterm congressional vote in November, without providing any proof.

“We are concerned about ongoing campaigns by Russia, China and other foreign actors, including Iran, to undermine confidence in democratic institutions and influence public sentiment and government policies," the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Justice Department, FBI and Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement.