Press Shia Agency – The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom has warned about the activity of deviant ‎sects and religions during the Arba’in pilgrimage in Iraq and described the creation of deviant ‎sects as “a great danger.”‎

Press Shia – The fourth in a series of meeting on morality was held at the Khatam al-Awsiya ‎Specialist Centre in the presence of seminarians and scholars from the Islamic Seminary and ‎was presented by Ayatollah Abolqasem Alidoust.


During this meeting, the member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom presented a ‎warning about the importance of awareness among the university students and seminarians ‎in regard to some of the fabricated sects.‎


Referring to the presence of some of these sects in Iraq in regard to the ongoing Arba’in ‎pilgrimage, he stated that Iraq as prone to the activities of false irfan or mysticism and ‎added, “Perhaps, the alternative religions that exist in this country are the basis for the ‎attraction of these individuals toward false irfan.” ‎


Ayatollah Alidoust further emphasized the four main elements of Iran – the Quran, the ‎narrations, rationality and jurisprudence, saying, “Major individuals such as Imam Khomeyni ‎and Allamah Tabatabai, by underpinning the jurisprudential thought and using the guidance of ‎these four elements, have never claimed such issues as ‘unveiling and witnessing’ and ‎meeting the Imam of the Time [Imam al-Mahdi].”‎


His Eminence has declared the desecration of reason as an unpardonable sin and stated, “In ‎this regard, “Basically, the greatest reverence in religion has been expressed in relation to ‎reason. Thus, because reason is also considered as the criterion of religion, many popular ‎tendencies and preferences prevent these sorts of false sects.” ‎


Referring to one of the verses of the Quran, he described the creation of [false] religions as ‎a great danger and added, “Throughout history, uneducated people were constantly at the ‎head of a series of some groups and movements to misuse their beliefs and ignorance to ‎lay the groundwork for sedition and create misguidance in society and a typical example of ‎this is Wahhabism and Sufism.”‎


In the discussion of the basis of the attention of the narrations to the discussion of ‎jurisprudence in its particular sense, Ayatollah Alidoust said, “Even groups such as the ‎exegetists considered philosophers and theologians out of this range and emphasized the ‎confrontation and contradiction of jurisprudence and many mystical tendencies.”‎


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