Press Shia – Hujjat al-Islam Toyserkani described the sanctions of the enemies as “ineffective” ‎against the determination and will of the revolutionary forces and the Basij because due to ‎the effect of the sanctions, the domestic abilities flourish and the capabilities of the country ‎are put to use.‎

Press Shia – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad-Reza ‎Toyserkani, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah ‎Khamenei] in the Basij Organization, referred to the new sanctions imposed by the United ‎States against some banks and financial institutions affiliated with the Basij Cooperative ‎Foundation in Iran and said, “Just as Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly emphasized, the ‎issue of sanctions isn’t a new issue. Iran has been subject to comprehensive sanctions by ‎the arrogant front since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.”‎

The Iranian cleric added, “Therefore, the Iranian people pay the sufficient and necessary ‎attention to this point because on the front of the warfare, the enemies are suggesting that ‎the sanctions are a new, effective and crippling issue and have destructive effects on Iran’s ‎culture, politics and economy while the reality is something else because the sanctions are ‎an old, recurring and ineffective weapon.”‎

He described the sanctions of the enemies as “ineffective” against the determination and will ‎of the revolutionary forces and the Basij and said, “In the view of the revolutionary and ‎Basiji forces, when the country is subject to sanctions, it’s something to be happy about ‎because due to the effect of the sanctions, the domestic abilities flourish and the capabilities ‎of the country are put to use. Due to the sanctions on the Iranian nation, the country will ‎soon become independent and national dignity will emerge.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Toyserkani continued, “Due to the sanctions, national unity is realized, ‎unemployment is abolished, external perspectives are diminished and domestic perspectives ‎are strengthened. As a result of the sanctions, the hidden assistance [of God] is the destiny ‎of the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic will be victorious‎. As a result, the sanctions ‎shatter the fragile dignity and magnificence of the enemies. Due to the sanctions, the free ‎nations feel an identity and the means for freedom is provided to the governments of the ‎region. Thus, the sanctions have many positive effects and blessings.”‎

His Eminence spoke about the role of the media in reflecting the positive effects of the ‎sanctions, saying, “The media has a great responsibility and must work around the positive ‎effects of the sanctions because the enemies want to make the Iran nation fearful of the ‎sanctions. Fear of the sanctions is the demand of the enemies. The enemies interfere ‎through the internet in a variety of ways and with various mechanisms. They have the power ‎to promote and foment the fear of sanctions, while we embrace the sanctions.”‎

He emphasized that the truth of the Islamic Revolution and the truth in the Islamic system ‎must be explained more to the people than before and said, “The enemies want to achieve ‎their goals by creating a false impression of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic, as ‎well as a false impression of the arrogant front. The media must expose these ‎misconceptions and explain the true aspects of the Islamic system and the hegemonic ‎system.”‎

In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Toyserkani said, “According to the Supreme Leader, an ‎explanatory jihad in these two arenas must begin by the media. The media must be involved ‎in various ways such as conferences, festivals, producing video clips, poetry, books, ‎photographs and, in general, by making use of various artistic mechanisms, they can make ‎these events blessed.”‎