Press Shia Agency – The director of Sidon’s Imam al-Sadiq Seminary stressed that any negotiations with the ‎Zionist regime are forbidden and emphasized on armed struggle against these enemies.‎

Press Shia Agency – A delegation from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine led by Khaled Younis ‎met with Ayatollah Afif al-Nablusi, the director of the Imam al-Sadiq Seminary and the Friday prayer ‎leader of the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.‎


Ayatollah al-Nablusi referred to the news that the Palestinian Central Council (PCC), which met in ‎Ramallah over two days, decided on October 29th to end all of the commitments in the agreements ‎that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had signed with Israel, suspend recognition of Israel ‎until it recognizes the State of Palestine, end security coordination and end the Paris Economic ‎Protocols.‎


The revered Lebanese Shi’ah cleric condemned any kind of relationship and agreement with the ‎Zionist regime to failure and said, “This means that all the paths of settlement and negotiation have ‎reached a dead end. The people of Palestine must know that negotiations, peace and recognition of ‎the Zionist regime are forbidden.”‎


His Eminence added that those who have embarked the path of negotiation and agreement with the ‎Zionist regime must repent of their actions and set out on the path of truth and God Almighty.‎


Ayatollah al-Nablusi considered the Palestinian people as facing great challenges and dangers and ‎said, “The Palestinians must be aware of the dangers that threaten them. What is needed is unity and ‎attention to the magnitude of the dangers and thus, it is not permissible to fight each other in any ‎way but to only direct the gun to the Israeli enemies.”‎


He emphasized upon armed struggle with the Zionist regime and said, “There is no greater priority ‎than resistance for the Palestinian people.”‎


The members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine also presented a report about ‎the latest developments occurring in Palestine to Ayatollah al-Nablusi, especially the ceasefire ‎agreement in the al-Miyeh wa Miyeh refugee camp in Lebanon. ‎


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