TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Large group of Muslims have led a march through London on Sunday by members of different religious communities in London to promote interfaith justice, love, freedom and peace; as part of the 'Turn to Love' anti-terrorism campaign.

According to reports, Muslims were the largest group of the march, exhibiting several banners reading 'Muslims against terrorism,' before holding a prayer at the Marble Arch.

The march was attended by prominent Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Sunni and Shiite leaders in local communities, who sent a clear message of peace.

"We should get all together and put the differences behind and work on the great similarity which we have. And if we're united together by the grace of Almighty God, not only would the peace come to the Middle East, [but] the peace will come to the entire world, InshaAllah (God willing)," said one of the leaders.