TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – An Iranian lawmaker played down concerns over how new US sanctions could harm Iran, saying the White House itself has come to the conclusion that economic embargoes are futile and unilateral policies would get nowhere.

In an interview with Press Shia Agency, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Economic Commission Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi said the US sanctions that came into force a few days ago are not anything new, as the US unfair restrictions have been constantly in place since the victory of the Islamic Revolution four decades ago.

The sanctions would have a negative impact on Iran’s economy throughout the past decades if they were really effective, he said, adding that the US even failed to carry out its plan to drive Iran’s oil exports down to zero by November 4.

It has become clear for Americans that it is impossible to act unilaterally under the new conditions, he stated, pointing to the European Union, Russia, China and India’s opposition to Washington’s policies.

US President Donald Trump has moved to snap back what he calls “crippling sanctions” on Iran that target the oil, banking and industrial sectors, and has threatened more action to change Tehran’s behavior.

A fresh round of US sanctions against Iran came into force on November 4.