Press Shia Agency – The revered source of emulation explained that nothing can be done with just words ‎and criticized the lack of determination by the officials to solve the problems facing Iran in ‎regard to narcotics and addiction.‎

Press Shia Agency – In a meeting with General Eskandar Momeni, the secretary of the Drug Control ‎Headquarters of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani said that in order to eliminate ‎addiction to narcotics, actions must be taken and said, “Narcotics and addiction to them is ‎one of the problems and disasters facing Iran which must be countered‏.‏‎”‎


The revered source of emulation added, “We must stop the production and distribution of ‎narcotics. From the time the United States attacked Afghanistan [in 2001], they have been ‎trying to execute their sinister goals in various aspects in order to harm Iran and the Islamic ‎ummah. The presence of the United States in Afghanistan has caused great misery for the ‎people of this country‏.‏‎”‎


He emphasized, “We must speak in a decisive manner with Afghanistan, from where ‎narcotics enter Iran from, so that this issue can be resolved, and we must not show lenience ‎in regard to this issue because addiction is causing great harm to society‏.‏‎”‎


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said, “Addiction is not just an economic disadvantage but the ‎human resources of the country which must be productive are infected and ill, resulting in ‎numerous dangers, including an increased divorce rate and the breakdown of families. ‎Therefore, your work in combating narcotics and addiction has many rewards.”‎


The renowned teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom explained that nothing can be done ‎with just words and criticized the lack of determination among the officials to solve the ‎problems and said, “Some people constantly say there is smuggling and they only talk, but ‎they don’t act. Why do not they engage in practical actions to stop smuggling?”‎


He said, “We must stop the smuggling and the trafficking of narcotics in a decisive manner, ‎the enemies don’t engage in military warfare as they did before but rather they spends ‎money‏ ‏and plan to strike Iran and addiction is one of these cases. Therefore, you must be ‎vigilant and solve the problems from their roots. We must act decisively in order to achieve ‎more success.”


Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani stated, “Sometimes it is said that smuggling is occurring and the ‎media continuously writes about it, but why do they engage in weak actions? That is, a ‎country with such power cannot stop smuggling and drug trafficking‏?‏‎ The reason is that ‎some officials are weak and don’t act in serious manner. All of this has had human and ‎financial costs, but we still have the problem of narcotics.”‎


He added, “We have to pursue the cause, to deal with the root issues, we must eradicate ‎poverty, unemployment and other problems with a precise look and strive for jihad. A ‎culture must be developed in the fight against narcotics and addiction and the media is ‎required to familiarize society with the harms of addiction and keep society alert.”‎


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