Press Shia – An association made up of Sunni and Shi’ah scholars declared any normalization of ‎relations with the Zionist regime as a betrayal of religion, the Islamic ummah and humanity.‎

Press Shia – In a statement issued after their central council’s weekly meeting, the Association of ‎Muslim Scholars of Lebanon discussed the latest political situation in Lebanon and the region.‎


The group of Sunni and Shi'ah scholars said, “The Palestinian people have fought on the ‎forefront of the battle against the Zionist regime alone, offering many martyrs and wounded ‎‎[fighters] because the value of freedom that the Palestinians speak of is much higher than ‎their lives.”‎


They stated, “While history clearly records the courage, dignity and faith of the Palestinian ‎people, the country has bee betrayed by people from up close. The Palestinian are hopeful ‎of the promise of God Almighty – the promise of achieving ultimate victory.”‎


The Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon welcomed and expressed their satisfaction ‎with the massive marches of the Palestinian people, which are being held under the title “The ‎Great March of Return Continues” and noted, “Some Arab rulers betrayed the Palestinian ‎people and engaged tricks and deception against them. This is while all Arabs, Muslims and ‎Christians stand alongside them and support them and the final victory is also very close.”‎


They condemned any normalization of relations between the Arab countries and the Zionist ‎regime and considered it as a betrayal of the Islamic ummah, religion and humanity ‎especially as it comes amidst the persistence of Zionist enemies in their violations and crimes ‎‎against the Palestinian people and added, “These actions are taken while the Zionist regime ‎doesn’t hesitate to take any action against the Palestinian people and the noble city of ‎Jerusalem al-Quds.”‎


The Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon also stated, “The Association of Muslim ‎Scholars of Lebanon also supports the actions of the Bahraini scholars in the marches and ‎protests against the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime and also supports the ‎slogan ‘death to Israel and death to the traitors and mercenaries.’”‎


Press Shia News Agency