Press Shia Agency – The revered source of emulation said that some use religion for their sales talk and ‎noted, “Some people, in the name of religion, want to ruin the beliefs of the people.‎”‎ ‎

Press Shia Agency – In a meeting with a group of students and directors of education from the village of ‎Kahak in Qom province, Grand Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Alavi-Gorgani and said that ‎education is of special importance and said, “It’s more important to acquire knowledge, ‎especially for those who are at the beginning of their work. Thus, you students, an early ‎age, must learn to strengthen the principles of religious foundations.”‎


The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom said, “We mustn’t look at today but ‎rather to tomorrow, the great personalities of our country are the students and the future of ‎the country is in the hands of these same students and it’s better to be able to develop ‎them in the spheres of Islam, Shi’ism and Revolution so that if they have a position or ‎ministership, they can be the propagators of the people and the spreaders of religion.”‎


He stated the best time to gain knowledge is during one’s adolescence and youth and said, ‎‎“Our great scholars said that if a person learns something during his childhood, this learning ‎remains like an impression on a stone but learning when one is older is like an impression on ‎water which doesn’t because in one’s youth, his chest is empty and everything can be placed ‎there and is lasting.”‎


Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani said, “Before the Islamic Revolution, the people were responsible for ‎the education of the country, who had no religion or inclination to Islam and, in general, their ‎bases were damaged and they certainly didn’t want the children to be religious. For this ‎reason, they taught music and dancing to them and today, our country, thanks to the ‎Islamic Revolution, is a religious country and the people are religious and this is the best ‎opportunity for the people to complete their religion.”‎


The revered source of emulation added, “You don’t look at the good language but look at ‎the verse of the Quran wherein God says that sometimes some people talk so well that they ‎surprise you and even tow the name of God to reach their worldly goals and man must be ‎warned about these sort of people.”‎


He added that some use religion for their sales talk and noted, “Some people, in the name ‎of religion, want to ruin the beliefs of the people. First, they speak of religion but when they ‎come to us, no trace of religion cannot be seen in them.”‎


Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani stated, “Always pursue the statements and the words that are ‎compatible with your Islamic principles, never forget to consult with the great scholars, ‎remember the respect for your teacher and use the source of God’s light and the Ahlul-Bayt ‎in so that in the future, the basic responsibilities of the country are at your disposal, you will ‎be prominent figures and missionaries of religion.”‎


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