Press Shia – Ayatollah Abdolnabi Namazi referred to the victory of the Islamic Resistance Front as ‎one of the victories of the Islamic ummah and said, “The fighters of the Islamic Resistance ‎Front demonstrated to the Zionist regime that the era of prowess was in the past.”‎

Press Shia – Speaking at a meeting of the Administrative Council in Kashan, Ayatollah Abdolnabi ‎Namazi referring to the meeting of the proud male and female disabled athletes with the ‎Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and said, “The ‎presence of disabled female athletes at the 2018 Asian Para Games in Indonesia showed that ‎hijab isn’t a constraint.”‎


The representative of the Supreme Leader in Kashan referred to hijab as a responsibility and ‎an immunity and added, “The presence of the women athletes with disabilities at the 2018 ‎Asian Para Games demonstrates that the monotheistic culture in the world is growing, ‎developing and is superior to and dominates over the tyrannical culture.”


On November 14th, Ayatollah Khamenei met with the athletes, who won 136 medals for the ‎Islamic Republic, including 51 golds, in games in Jakarta, Indonesia which took place last ‎month. The results landed the country in the third place after China and South Korea in ‎medal count.‎


The Supreme Leader praised the female athletes for maintaining their Islamic dress code ‎during the competitions and said that by doing so, they stood up to the arrogant powers of ‎the world and confidently preserved their religious and national values.‎


Ayatollah Namazi referred to the victory of the Islamic Resistance Front as one of the ‎victories of the Islamic ummah and stated, “After the attack of the warplanes of the Zionist ‎regime occupying Jerusalem al-Quds over the past few days and bombing several areas in ‎the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Resistance Front retaliated against the attacks over the past ‎several days with missiles and gave Israel a teeth-breaking response.”‎


His Eminence added that with their missile strikes against the Israeli usurper, the fighters of ‎the Islamic Resistance Front, with the command of the Supreme Leader, demonstrated to ‎the Zionist regime that their era of prowess was in the past, and if they attack one [person], ‎they will be attacked by ten in return.”‎


He said that the missile strikes by the Islamic Resistance Front were such that the Zionist ‎regime announced its readiness for a ceasefire immediately after the missile attacks.‎


Ayatollah Namazi described the recent victories of the fighters of the Islamic Resistance ‎Front as important and having importance and said, “All these victories represent the power ‎of Islam, the Islamic Revolution of Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon in confronting the Israeli ‎usurping regime.”‎


The Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades said it had used a Kornet man-portable anti-tank missile to ‎target a bus carrying Israeli forces in retaliation for the Zionist regime’s earlier incursion into ‎the Gaza Strip. 


In other remarks, the Iranian cleric referred to the ongoing wildfires in the American state of ‎California and said, “This horrible and terrible fire has led to great financial losses and losses ‎of life such that many people in California have been forced to evacuate their residences.”‎


Press Shia News Agency