Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri said that the liberation of Aleppo is the most important news in recent years and added that this news has been reflected on throughout the world and noted that the enemies are in mourning.

Press Shia Agency – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, the member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Seminaries offered his congratulations to the Syrian people, the Islamic Resistance, the Iranian nation and the families of the martyred defenders of the holy shrines on the liberation of Aleppo.

The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said that the liberation of Syria’s second-largest city is the most important news in recent years and added that this news has been reflected on throughout the world and noted that the infidels and the reactionary powers in the region, including Turkey, are in mourning.

Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri noted that unfortunately, Turkey, a Muslim country, is in mourning over the liberation of Aleppo and on Wednesday and Thursday, hundreds of people rallied outside the Iranian embassy in Ankara and consulate in Istanbul and shouted slogans against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He added that France, which considers itself the “cradle of freedom” was so enraged that they turned the lights of the Eiffel Tower off in mourning. “The enemies’ anger and mourning is a sign of the power of the Islamic ummah,” he stated.

His Eminence added, “We hope that these successes will continue and Syria, Iraq, Yemen and all Islamic countries will be liberated.”

Holy Prophet’s birth marked the ‘dawn of mercy’

In other remarks, Ayatollah Seyyed Hashem Hoseyni-Bushehri referred to the 17th of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, which marks the birth anniversaries of the Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq and Islamic Unity Week and explained that this day has been named as a day of ethics and kindness.

The representative of the people of Bushehr in the Assembly of Experts explained that the birth of the Prophet Muhammad began a great era in the history of humankind and noted that the birth of the Noble Prophet marked the ‘dawn of mercy’ and represents the beginning of a great movement in the world.

He said added that it’s our duty to spread the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the Imams and to obey his instructions, especially as sedition and discord have spread around the world and the malicious enemies of Islam are intent on creating division in the ranks of the Islamic world.

Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri stressed that salvation from division and dissension can be achieved through adherence to the lifestyle of the Prophet and the Ahlul-Bayt and added, “Today the enemies don’t show mercy to either Sunni and Shi’ah Muslims because they’re the enemies of all Muslims and the enemies have provided the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries with much assistance to create division in the Islamic world.”