Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Ali Malakouti argued that Islamic unity frustrates the enemies from ‎achieving their goals and emphasized, “When we stand against the irrational and destructive ‎enemies, reason requires that we stand and resist with unity and solidarity.”‎

Press Shia Agency – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Malakouti, the ‎representative of the people of East Azerbaijan province in the Assembly of Experts, ‎referred to the academic and religious foundations of unity among Muslims and said, “Our ‎religious foundations have focused strongly on the unity of Muslims and have always avoided ‎disagreement and noncooperation.”‎


The revered teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom considered unity as one of the self-‎evident essentials of Islam and stated, “The brotherhood that the Holy Prophet Muhammad ‎created among Muslims at the beginning of Islam is the best evidence of this.”‎


He explained the lifestyle of the Immaculate Family of the Prophet Muhammad regarding ‎unity among Muslims and said, “Even in the narrations, attending the congregational prayers ‎of the Sunnis, visiting their sick, taking part in their funerals of their deceased and other ‎similar issues are recommended and the scholars and the Muslims also did the same.”‎


Hujjat al-Islam Malakouti pointed to the emphasis of the late Imam Khomeyni and Ayatollah ‎Khamenei on the need to give attention to Islamic unity and said, “The late Imam ‎‎[Khomeyni] and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as well as the sources of ‎emulation and the scholars have always emphasized the necessity of adhering to Islamic ‎unity and have encouraged people towards solidarity and unity in various ways and will ‎continue to do so.” ‎


His Eminence argued that Islamic unity frustrates the enemies from achieving their goals, ‎emphasizing, “When we stand against the irrational and destructive enemies, reason requires ‎that we stand and resist with unity and solidarity. On one hand, we have frustrated the ‎enemies from achieving their evil goals and, on the other hand, we have achieved the ‎highest goals of Islam.”‎


He referred to the lifestyle of the scholars of Islam in the field of unity and said, “The ‎scholars didn’t always allow religious dissension to lead to the separation of Shi’ah and Sunni ‎scholars and while they had religious differences with each other, they would be present at ‎each other’s meetings and classes.”‎


Hujjat al-Islam Malakouti said that the academic discussions didn’t originate from the ‎differences between Shi’ah and Sunni Islam and added, “Academic discussions are based on ‎proof, logic and reason. Therefore, they won’t lead to differences and dissociation but ‎rather, it is ignorance, hypocrisy and malice that causes division among Muslims.” ‎


At the end of the interview, he noted the attitude of the sources of emulation and the ‎scholars towards combating with the divisive efforts of the enemies of Islam and stated, ‎‎“The scholars has always thwarted the enemies through their vigilance and have neutralized ‎their conspiracies through their divine advice.”‎


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