Press Shia – The head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran said, “The Islamic Revolution has always ‎protected its sovereignty and ideals, despite the heavy sabotage by the arrogant powers ‎and has paid heavily for its support of the oppressed and the deprived.”‎

Press Shia – Speaking at the 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Ayatollah ‎Alireza Arafi, the director of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran, referred to the upcoming fortieth ‎anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and said, “Over the past forty years, Iran has ‎flourished in the fields of science and education.”‎


The head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran added, “Looking at the scientific progress of our ‎country over the past several decades, it has been observed that the Islamic Revolution has ‎always protected its sovereignty and ideals, despite the heavy sabotage by the arrogant ‎power. Iran has paid a heavy price for its support of the oppressed and the deprived.”‎


He said that over the past forty years the Islamic Revolution of Iran has achieved great ‎achievements by protecting divine ideals in regard to unity, defence and supporting the ‎oppressed and said, “The Iranian nation has always stood up against the conspiracies and ‎the attacks of the enemies and, at the same time, the Islamic ummah hasn’t been deprived ‎of its great achievements within its own borders.”‎


Ayatollah Arafi stated that since the Islamic Revolution, Iran has made achievements in ‎many fields and said, “Only a part of these achievements belong to the sciences in the ‎universities and seminaries. In Iran, two educational systems deal with basic sciences and ‎one higher educational system deals with the humanities.” ‎


The Friday prayer leader of Qom stated that there are twenty indicators the policy, statistics ‎and figures of the educational centres and said, “A guide to the scientific movement and the ‎country’s enjoyment of the testament of progress, the creation of a comprehensive ‎structure for the different levels of the seminaries and universities, the assignment of 1.5 ‎percent of the country’s GDP to research and surveying centres and universities and having ‎‎100,000 professors and academic lecturers are only part of these indicators.”‎


He stated that there are 500 university towns in the Islamic Republic of Iran, said, “These ‎academic and scientific centres are open to all. In our country, education is not just ‎government-funded but rather there are semi-private and private schools. The Islamic ‎Seminaries are independent of the government and are supervised by the Supreme Leader ‎of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] and the sources of emulation.”‎


Ayatollah Arafi explained that a great need for the current era is to approach the humanities ‎with an Islamic approach and noted, “In this regard, the Islamic Seminaries seek to produce ‎knowledge by opening their doors to all religions. Iran has developed knowledge with a ‎transcendental and transnational view that can be a model for all countries.”‎


In conclusion, he pointed out, “Today, the Islamic world needs to work together to produce ‎knowledge, Iran is the only country that has been producing science through transcendental ‎and transnational views and has invited other countries to adopt this approach.”‎


Press Shia News Agency