TEHRAN, Dec. 19 (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian Parliament Speaker said the liberation of the strategic city of Aleppo from terrorists was highly significant to boosting further security across Syria.

Portugal’s Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities, Sérgio Sousa Pinto, held talks with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran on Sunday.

During the meeting, Larijani voiced regret over the current meager level of economic ties between the two countries, noting that an increase in cooperation on industrial activities, fossil fuels and renewable energies can help improve the level of bilateral relations.

Larijani stressed Iran’s stable security amidst the terrorist crisis in other countries in the region, adding “terrorists have failed in dealing the least amount of damage to the security and stability of Iran, because the Islamic Republic is committed to a practical fight against terrorism and extremism in all their shapes and kinds.”

“We helped Iraq and Syria in combating terrorism upon the request of their respective governments,” Larijani said. “There was this concern that those countries would end up as Libya but thankfully, they have had so far such good progress in fighting terrorism.”

He went on to add, “time is not on the side of those who use terrorism as a tool for their own objectives. Iran will continue its measures against terrorism but ending the crises in region requires a global resolve.”

Larijani further criticized the small role of European Union in combating terrorism and resolving the conflicts in the region.

The Portuguese official, for his part, stressed his country’s firm determination for developing ties with Iran and lauded the Islamic Republic’s constructive role in fighting terrorism.

He maintained that Portugal and Iran share common positions toward many regional and international issues, adding “the EU and the US do not necessarily hold similar views on regional affairs. Iran’s stress on finding a political solution for regional crises is of special significance to us.”

Pinto further welcomed expansion of cooperation with Iran on all areas of mutual interest.