Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Safiuddin said that the strength of the Islamic Resistance Front ‎increases every day to support the oppressed and stand up to the oppressors.‎

Press Shia Agency – The fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Hasaan al-Laqis, a Hezbollah commander, ‎‎was held in the Imam Khomayni Husayniyah in Lebanon’s Baalbek district in the presence ‎of ‎Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hashim Safiuddin, the chairman of the Executive Council of ‎Hezbollah, ‎Ali al-Miqdad and Walid Sukarieh, members of the Lebanese parliament, and Lebanese ‎political, social and cultural officials.‎


During his speech, Hujjat al-Islam Safiuddin‎ said, “Haj al-Laqis’ life ‎was full of courage, ‎devotion, forgiveness and ingenuity and his family also generously helped him in ‎this way, so ‎that his child was granted a position such that it was proven that the issue of resistance is ‎more important‏‎ than any other issue.”‎


The revered Lebanese Shi’ah scholar emphasized that the courage of the martyr was such ‎that all the honourable, noble and free people all over the world were proud of him. ‎


He added, “The Islamic Resistance Front has become stronger every day and its ‎activities ‎are not limited to training, equipping and arming and it engages in combat in various areas in ‎‎Lebanon, the region with the Zionist regime‏.‏‎”‎


Hujjat al-Islam Safiuddin argued that the world only ‎understands the language of power and ‎added, “The Islamic Resistance Front has adopted a strategy of permanent progress and the ‎Islamic Resistance Front has not retreated from or abandoned this strategy for even one day ‎because the world ‎only understands the language of power and doesn’t provide a place for ‎the weak, ‎fearful or hesitant people‏.‏‎ We have to add to our power every day and ‎accompany it with ‎wisdom, rationality, courage, politics and the administration of issues in ‎the right method.”


His Eminence said, “We have power, religion with justice, we defend the oppressed and fight ‎the offenders such that the enemies have acknowledged the strength of the Islamic ‎Resistance Front.”‎


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