TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Militants have shelled an evacuation corridor from eastern Aleppo in the Ramuse district, Syrian state-run TV said. Syrian army was sent to the area.

Moreover, the evacuation of militants and their families from east Aleppo has been suspended as they violated an agreement with the Syrian government by trying to take hostages with them, Sputnik cited Al-Ikhbariya TV channel as reporting. 

"There are reports that militants have violated the agreement and tried to take people hostage," a correspondent of TV channel reported.

"Terrorist groups in Aleppo shelled the the Ramuse district," the TV channel said.

According to the TV channel, militants shelled the exit from eastern Aleppo when a new convoy of buses evacuating people was ready to leave the city. Syrian servicemen have been sent to the area.

"The third convoy of buses [on Friday] was ready to leave when the shelling occurred," Al-Ikhbariya's correspondent reported.

At the same time, militants reportedly attacked the besieged villages of Foua and Kefraya in the Idlib province, controlled by militants, where evacuations are underway.

"The shelling of Ramuse [district] coincided with the shelling of Foua and Kefraya by militants," the TV channel reported.

Foua and Kefraya populated by Shiites have been besieged by al-Nusra Front terrorists for three years. Some 20,000 live there.