TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The Russian Defense Ministry called US remarks on a recent chemical attack by Takfiri militants in Syria's Aleppo an attempt to whitewash terrorists’ gas attacks.

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US State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino claimed Friday that Moscow and Damascus were behind the Aleppo gas attack on November 24 and cautioned them against "tampering with the suspected attack site."

The Russian Defense Ministry denounced the allegations, stressing that Russia has undeniable evidence that militants in Aleppo used munitions filled with toxic agents against the civilian population.

"The statement by the US State Department is nothing more than an attempt to whitewash the international terrorists operating in Idlib and associated with the White Helmets pseudo-rescuers, who have put their Western patrons in a bad spotlight with their provocation," the ministry said.

It said the deliveries of chemicals to militants have usually been “synched” with Washington, warning that the US is ready to conduct another large-scale missile strike in Syria under the pretext of the alleged use of chemical arms by the Syrian government.

According to Syrian media reports, more than 100 people were injured as a result of the November 24 attack, which is believed to have been launched from an area controlled by al-Nusra Front terrorists in Idlib Province.

Immediately after the attack, Damascus called on the OPCW to send a fact-finding mission to Aleppo.

Russian experts say they have recovered samples of soil and fragments of buildings to determine the toxic agent used in the assault.