Press Shia Agency – In a reaction to the Chabahar terrorist incident, Hujjat al-Islam al-Qubanchi said, “The ‎terrorists don’t have the ability to create disorder or to compromise the security and ‎determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” ‎

Press Shia Agency – During his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in ‎‎the Iraqi holy city of Najaf’s al-Fatimiyah al-Kubra Husayniyah, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid ‎‎Sadruddin al-Qubanchi condemned the December 6th terrorist attack on the southeastern ‎Iranian port city of Chabahar and said, “The terrorists don’t have the ability to create ‎disorder or to compromise the security and determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”‎


The Iraqi Shi’ah scholar reacted to the business relationship with the Zionist regime and ‎stated, “Israel is pursuing a business, cultural and media relationship with Iraq. Relations with ‎the Zionist regime are in contradiction with the Iraqi national and religious foundations. Israel ‎is an enemy of the Islamic society and is seeking to destroy Muslims.”‎


In reference to recent protests and demonstrations in France, he said that the ‎demonstrations were initially protests against a rise in fuel prices, but gradually the flood of ‎protests grew such that they went out of their natural bounds and in a country which was ‎considered as a cradle of civilization, such inhumane actions are unexpected.‎


Hujjat al-Islam al-Qubanchi said that the mocking of France by the President of the United ‎States, Donald Trump, demonstrates the differences between the Western allies and the ‎United States and said, “An increase of differences between the United States and the West ‎is expected, especially after the French proposal to form a European Army. Recent ‎disagreements between the two continents marks the defeat of the dominance of the United ‎States in Europe.”‎


In his sermon on religious issues, His Eminence stated, “God Almighty has given the ‎believers four promises in the Quran, namely, triumph, sustenance, relief and fulfillment of ‎one’s needs.”


Hujjat al-Islam al-Qubanchi commemorated the five martyrs of 1974 and stated that on this ‎day, Shaykh Arif al-Basri, Sayyid Izzuddin al-Qubanchi, Sayyid Imaduddin al-Tabatabai, ‎Sayyid Husayn Jaloukhan and Sayyid Nouri Ta’mah were martyred. This martyrdoms proves ‎the victory of the will of religion, the Islamic Seminaries and the sources of emulation over ‎tyranny. The blood of these martyrs represents the path to victory and the achievement of ‎divine dignity.‎


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