Press Shia Agency – Mawlawi Salami condemned the Chabahar terrorist incident and said, “The enemies ‎seek to create a gulf between the people and the Islamic system but the enemies plots ‎don’t create disorder in the powerful movement of the Islamic Revolution.”‎

Press Shia Agency – In an exclusive conversation with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Mawlawi Nazir Ahmad Salami, ‎the representative of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan province in the Assembly of ‎Experts, condemned the December 6th terrorist incident in the southeastern Iranian port city ‎of Chabahar and offered his condolences to the families of those martyred, said, “The ‎enemies have never abandoned their hostility to us since the beginning of the Islamic ‎Revolution. During this period, the enemies have added to their criminal movements and ‎have engaged in terrorist operations with the objective of creating insecurity and crises.”‎


Noting the fact that the port of Chabahar is the most reliable port in Iran and connected to ‎the waters of the world, the Iranian Sunni cleric said, “The Supreme Leader of the Islamic ‎Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] insisted that the Makran coast must become an economic ‎pillar of the country. For this reason, by carrying out extensive activities, we now see foreign ‎countries coming and investing in it. Given that the horizon of Chabahar will be very clear in ‎the near future, the enemies won’t be able to tolerate this issue and have engaged in ‎creating insecurity in the region so that the countries that are looking to invest will be ‎dissuaded.”‎


Mawlawi Salami also noted, “Considering that Iran is the safest country in the region, the ‎enemies are trying to create insecurity and create crises by carrying out terrorist operations.”‎


Expressing that the enemies are afraid of Iran on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the ‎victory of the Islamic Revolution, he said, “All of the people, officials and personalities of the ‎country intend to make the celebration more magnificent than last years’ and this isn’t ‎tolerable to the enemies and we will once again witness the movements and crimes of the ‎enemies before Bahman 22 [February 11th].”‎


Emphasizing that the enemies are seeking to disrupt the people and the Islamic system, he ‎said, “The current conditions of the society require that our people, as in the past, maintain ‎their vigilance and awakeness so that the enemies can’t achieve their goals through creating ‎crises and muddying the waters.”‎


Mawlawi Salami stated that the enemies’ crimes were nothing but a scandal, “Our people are ‎aware and have political maturity and the enemies won’t be able to achieve their goals by ‎creating disorder between the people and the system. Thus, without a doubt the revolution ‎will continue on its path just as it did in the past and the plots of the enemies won’t make ‎much disorder in this great movement.”‎


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