Press Shia – Seminary and university teachers said that the Zionist regime, the United States and ‎Arab reactionary countries have been planning to implement the “Deal of the Century” plan ‎in order to achieve their sinister goals.‎

Press Shia – With the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, the ‎peace movement by Israel and the Arab states that had stalled during the administration of ‎Barack Obama was once again at the top of the American government’s agenda but this ‎time, they don’t talk about a series of discussions between the leaders of the Zionist regime ‎and the Palestinian National Authority but rather Trump has unveiled a comprehensive plan ‎to end the Palestinian conflict, calling the plan “The Deal of the Century.”‎


The Deal of the Century is a new conspiracy by the United States and the Zionists in order to ‎occupy more Palestinian territory, deny the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their ‎homeland, expel the remaining Palestinians from the territories occupied in 1948, surrender a ‎part of the West Bank to Jordan, establish a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and parts of ‎the Sinai peninsula and end the Palestinian resistance in any manner possible and this ‎conspiracy will begin with the normalization of the relations between the Arab states and the ‎Zionist regime and the formation of an Arab NATO to confront Iran.‎


But with all these details, so far, no clear plan has been provided by the United States. Of ‎course, there are many obstacles in the realization of this conspiracy, including the ‎development of military and operational capabilities of the Islamic Resistance Axis, the ‎opposition of the Palestinian National Authority and Palestinian resistance groups to this plan ‎and the internal disputes of the countries supporting it.‎


In order to explain different areas of this issue, Press Shia News Agency, in line with the series of ‎conferences entitled “Islamic Civilization: The Strategy of Resistance,” convened a fourth ‎conference entitled “Deal of the Century: A New Conspiracy” with the presence of Dr. ‎Mojtaba Rahmandoust, an associate professor of the Faculty of World Studies, and Hujjat al-‎Islam Dr. Ahmad Sa’di, a faculty member of Farabi College (a campus of the University of ‎Tehran in Qom), at the al-Ghadir Conference Hall in Qom.‎


The plan for the “Deal of the Century” began decades ago


Dr. Sa’di referred to the Deal of the Century as a plan related to the past and the future and ‎explained that Deal of the Century, which the enemies are pursuing, are in fact the repetition ‎of the Sykes-Picot Agreement (May 9, 1916) and Balfour Declaration (November 2, 1917), ‎which they revived and restarted in 2017.‎


He stated that the West wanted to save the Jews and said, “As it has been proven in ‎history, the Europeans didn’t have good experiences with the Jews and thus, sought a ‎homeland for them. The Sinai peninsula, Uganda and Palestine were three options for settling ‎Jews and that the Zionists wanted to give their presence in the occupied territories of ‎Palestine a religious image is a complete falsehood because they initially considered different ‎options for occupation. Therefore, this is the result of their settlement in Palestine.”‎


He explained that Palestine has great geopolitical and religious significance in the region. On ‎this basis, it was supposed to be free at the beginning of the 20th century, but after the ‎Balfour Declaration, the idea of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine was introduced.‎


Stating that the United Kingdom occupied Palestine in 1917, Dr. Sa’di noted, “The United ‎Kingdom was able to easily occupy Palestine by exploiting Egyptian forces and lands. The ‎British settled about 100,000 soldiers in Palestine but due to the various problems they were ‎facing, they were forced to abandon Palestine. Then, on November 29, 1947, the United ‎Nations General Assembly issued Resolution 181 which approved the division of Palestine ‎into two states – a Jewish and an Arab state. From this day, the foundations of the ‎dissolution of Palestine began.”‎


The associate professor at the Faculty of World Studies divided Palestine into four periods, ‎‎“Islamic Palestine, Arab Palestine, Palestinian Palestine and Arab-Islamic Palestine. These four ‎Palestinian divisions are political in nature.” ‎


He noted that during the Islamic Palestine period, we witnessed the growth and bold ‎presence of Shaykh Izzuddin al-Qassam and during the Palestinian Palestine period, we ‎witnessed the promotion of personalities such as Yasser Arafat.‎


Dr. Sa’di said, “Palestine was sold to the Zionists in the first years of occupation by Western ‎and reactionary Arabs.”‎


He considered Saudi support for Palestine as apparent and noted, “Because of the ‎dependence of the Saudi regime on the Zionist regime, the Saudi rulers placed Palestine at ‎the disposal of the Zionists.”‎


The plan for the “Deal of the Century” will not achieve its objectives


Dr. Rahmandoust said, “Countries that have proposed the plan for the Deal of the Century, ‎in contrast to past plans, have not fully described it. On this basis, the analysis and the ‎issues referred to in this regard are based on the probabilities and movements that Jews and ‎their allies are implementing.”‎


The associate professor of the Faculty of World Studies said that the plan of the Deal of the ‎Century was considered as a plan for comprehensive peace and the elimination of all threats ‎and confrontations with Israel and emphasized that from the beginning and the end of the ‎Deal of the Century, violations of the international obligations were revealed.‎


He stated that the plan of the Deal of the Century would not be realized, he added, ‎‎“Although we are certain that the Deal of the Century hasn’t been realized, we must take ‎precise and expert actions in relation to this plan.”‎


Dr. Rahmandoust stated that the occupation of Palestine and the presence of Zionists in the ‎occupied territories is one of the greatest challenges of the world in recent times.‎


He said, “Eliminating the motherland of Palestine and providing a new definition of Palestinian ‎refugees is one of the hallmarks of the Deal of the Century.”‎


He continued, “Western countries have consistently supported the Zionist regime since the ‎beginning of the occupation of Palestine and in the plan of Deal of the Century, after Donald ‎Trump became the president of the United States, the United States transferred its embassy ‎in the occupied lands to Jerusalem al-Quds from Tel Aviv and one week after this, the ‎leaders of the Saudi regime also announced the village of Abu Dis as the new capital of ‎Palestine, which reflects the alignment of the West with the Arab reactionary regimes.”‎


Referring to the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in restoring the Palestinian issue, Dr. ‎Rahmandoust said, “If Imam Khomeyni and the Islamic Revolution didn’t exist, the ‎Palestinian issue would have ended decades ago.”‎


Press Shia News Agency