TEHRAN (Press Shia) – About 2,000 people took to the streets of Paris at around 4 p.m. local time on Saturday, as the "yellow vest" protests continue in France.

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A man died in southern France Friday after his car slammed into a truck that had stopped near a group of "gilets jaunes" or "yellow vest" protesters, bringing the total number of deaths during the protests to 10.

Demonstrations were held Saturday, as about 2,000 people were demonstrating in Paris at around 4 pm, according to CBS news.

Some 142 people have been arrested, including a protest leader, police sources told BBC News.

Tensions arose at nightfall when protesters gathered on the Champs-Elysees and police fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse some demonstrators.

Earlier in the day, in stark contrast to the last few weekends, tourists strolled down the avenue near the Arc de Triomphe monument, holiday shoppers were out in force and the grandest of Parisian boulevards remained open for traffic.

Protesters appeared disorganized, with scattered groups walking randomly across the capital. A few hundred protesters cordoned by police marched toward the Madeleine Church near the presidential Elysee Palace but were stopped in a small adjacent street. Tempers frayed and police with batons fired tear gas to repel a few demonstrators trying to break through a police line.

The protests, which have morphed from an outcry against a fuel tax hike to incorporate a wide array of economic concerns, are still having a knock-on effect across France.

The palace of Versailles just outside Paris was shut down for the day Saturday after yellow vest protesters said they will demonstrate there. The famous chateau was home to a succession of French kings until the French Revolution in 1789.

Outside Paris, around 200 traffic roundabouts remained occupied by protesters across the country. In southern France near the Spanish border, dozens of demonstrators blocked trucks and chanted "Macron, resign!"

In central France near the city of Saint-Etienne, protesters blocked a major road and set fires but shops remained open.

In the Belgian capital of Brussels, police scuffled with some protesters during a march inspired by France's yellow vest movement.