TEHRAN, Dec. 20 (Press Shia Agency) – SNSC secretary has told a press conference in Tehran Turkey’s participation in Moscow trilateral meeting would help bring some changes to country’s policy toward Syria.

Ali Shamkhani criticized the UN Security Council resolution as opening gates for terrorists and other intelligence agents of those counties actively supporting terrorism into Aleppo in covering of observers; “Aleppo liberation was a feat of excellence for Syrian government forces; all countries have been working to have Syrian army defeated in Aleppo, and the Resolution 2328 is a loophole by which terrorists infiltrate back to Aleppo; it assumes no place and role for Syrian government, and priority has shifted from humanitarian aid delivery to safe evacuation of armed terrorist groups; this is quite surprising that the west and regional allies support known terrorists whose atrocities regularly communicated to the world public,” he objected.

Shamkhani reaffirmed Iranian and Russian support for Syrian legitimate government in country’s struggle to save Syria; “Russia is an ally in fight against terrorism, and has well contributed to the scene in Syria; there is good coordination of Iran and Russia in political, military and security measures.”

Shamkhani believed trilateral meeting in Moscow would help bring changes to Turkey’s policies on Syria and end country’s support for terrorists and occupation of Syrian territories; “such meetings however should not be used as an opportunity to buy time for resuscitation of forces and to reinstate them in Syria,” he concluded.