TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned the US president’s “illogical and hateful” comments about Iran, saying Donald Trump merely expresses his impossible dreams about forcing Iran to give in to pressures.

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In a statement on Sunday night, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi took a swipe at Trump for his recent remarks about Iran, saying he has once again made “illogical and hateful comments about people of an ancient nation” without learning a lesson from the developments over the recent decades and without reviewing his predecessors’ totally wrong policies on the region.

His comments came after the US president said Iran is not doing well and Tehran wants to hold talks with Washington.

"They (Iran) are not doing well. They want to talk (with US)," Trump told reporters at the White House on Sunday.

Elsewhere in the statement, Qassem denounced Trump’s remarks as a “repetition of the excessive demands and ambitions of the medieval and expired powers.”

“The United States’ dreams and hostile measures have gone nowhere so far despite all of their venomous attempts against the Iranian nation, and will undoubtedly get nowhere in future as well,” the spokesman added.

“Trump is merely expressing his futile and impossible wishes that do not match the realities on the ground. He knows that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been familiar with and facing pressures and the US policy of sanctions for decades,” Qassemi stated.

He reminded Trump that the Iranian nation will never bow to the “cruel US pressures” and to the rulers who prefer walls to bridges and who opt for sanctions instead of respect.

Qassemi underlined that the Iranian nation has learned throughout the history how to stand against excessive demands and bullies.