TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Protesters gathered in Washington DC on Tuesday night to protest against Donald Trump who claimed crime in the US derives from undocumented migrants.

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Trump had touted the idea of declaring a national crisis to bypass congress, but ultimately his speech included no such proposal.

Demonstrators chanted "drown out Trump," played music and sang. They impelled people to "do anything" but listen to the president's address. Organizer of the protest, Kristin Mink, read out stories of furloughed workers from social media.

"Really do anything other than watch any of the networks that are choosing to broadcast Trump's dangerous racist fear-mongering lies tonight," Mink said.

Trump's speech came in the wake of a partial government shutdown that has been in effect for 17 days, after lawmakers failed to break a budget impasse over Trump's planned border wall.

Protestors told the stories of increasing desperation on the part of federal workers and those who depend on them Tuesday, gathering outside the White House Tuesday, Fox5 DC reported.

On Friday, federal workers won't see an expected paycheck deposited into their bank accounts unless a deal is reached in time. Worried about paying for medicine, food and rent, many workers and their dependents have rallied online around the hashtag #ShutdownStories.

Organizer Kristin Mink brought those stories offline at the White House protest. She read stories from Twitter in front of lit-up signs saying, "fake crisis" and "no wall."

"I have cancer and can’t pay my drug co-payments if I don’t get my paycheck," Mink read from Twitter.

Other protesters said that while they do not work for the government, the shutdown is starting to affect their lives.