TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Yemen’s Special Forces Sniper Unit conducted many successful operations throughout 2018 taking out Saudi forces and their mercenaries with intense precision.

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A video by Yemeni Military Media contains some of the best footage from the past year.

Yemen’s Sniper Unit reportedly carried out 7,148 operations across various fronts throughout 2018.

The targeting of Saudi soldiers and officers took place as part of special operations behind enemy lines in the Saudi provinces of Asir, Jizan, and Najran — all historically Yemeni provinces. In fact, Yemeni forces control over 100 miles of territory beyond the Saudi border.

Yemen’s Army and Popular Forces have expanded their operations into these provinces in retaliation for the ongoing US-backed Saudi airstrike campaign, which has killed or injured over 50,000 people as of October — as well as the devastating siege which has triggered a borderline famine. Women and children constitute most of all casualties from airstrikes and military operations.