TEHRAN (Press Shia) – An American political analyst condemned US interference in Venezuela and described Washington’s recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as an “act of hypocrisy” and “betrayal” of Donald Trump’s campaign pledges which will result in a negative backlash against the president.

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“The current Venezuelan coup that is being orchestrated by the United States represents an active hypocrisy, which ironically combines the very things which the United States has been arguing against and launching international investigations about specifically election meddling as well as coup d’états in Ukraine, Syria and Libya which the United States was a party to under the Barack Obama administration and which President Trump swore to the American people would end and stop and not continue doing,” Scott Bennett, former US army psychological warfare officer, told the Press Shia News Agency.

Trump Reneging on Electoral Pledges 

He added, “So this act is a hypocrisy and a betrayal of that promise because the American people are going to see that the president is either deceiving them and betraying them by initiating a coup d'etat and regime change against Maduro clogged in the false promises of human rights or democracy or the president is being led by the knows by these deceivers like Elliott Abrams, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton who are pushing the American government in military and to an interventionist position which will inevitably result in a negative backlash against the president and may cause him serious political repercussions.”

On Wednesday, Trump recognized Guaido as the “legitimate” interim president of Venezuela, calling on other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize his so-called presidency.

Guaido’s bizarre announcement followed two nights of violent anti-government protests in working-class neighborhoods of the country’s capital Caracas, which called on Maduro to step down.

US Seeking to Exploit Venezuela’s Oil, Gas Resources

The US analyst said, “…and let’s never forget Syria is the most recent example of the United States under President Obama fomenting a regime change using Israeli Mossad, Shin Bet, Saudi Arabia, MI6 in the United Kingdom, CIA in the United States all focusing on the forced regime change of President Bashar Assad using once again these fantasies of human rights abuses, and the same playbook is being applied to Venezuela with rhetoric about democracy and human rights being abused, but, in truth, what this is, is an elaborate scheme to invade Venezuela, plant a puppet regime from someone who the people of Venezuela have no election choice in and use that puppet to facilitate the ownership of the oil and natural gas resources which are the largest on the planet allocating them back to the United States to control and benefit from.”

US Attempting to Apply Its Iran’s 1953 Playbook against Venezuela

Bennet further referred to the US-sponsored coup against Iran in 1953 and said, “This (US-led coup in Venezuela) is also ironically to what was done to Iran by the overthrow of prime minister Mossadegh in the 1950s in the establishment of the Shah. The United States performed in Iran what it is attempting to do in Venezuela. So the Iranian people and the Iranian culture and the Iranian media as well as the Russians’ and others have a very unique personal experience and should be transferring this knowledge and this awareness to Venezuela, to prepare them and the Venezuelan people to see that it is not in their best interest of the United States’ acts but instead in the economic interests and favor of which the United States’ neo-cons Zionist agencies are planning and specifically those war criminals are Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams and President Donald Trump need to recognize that he is being deceived by these people and led into a political trap”.

In 1953, the CIA led a coup against Iran's first democratically-elected government and toppled Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

Reforms Should be Grown by Venezuelans Not External Powers

Economic reforms "cannot be exerted from outside. It must be tenderly grown and cultivated by the people and the culture of people in Venezuela not forced upon them from external governments and nations,” Bennet noted. 

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