Press Shia – Dr. Rashed al-Rashed said that all the various institutions and entities of the Bahraini government are, in fact, instruments of the colonialists – the United Kingdom and the United States – in the region.

Press Shia – In an interview with Press Shia News Agency, Dr. Rashed al-Rashed, a member of Bahrain’s opposition Islamic Action Society, strongly condemned Wednesday’s attack by Bahraini forces on the town of Diraz said, “The Al Khalifah regime’s attack on Diraz to disperse the supporters of Ayatollah Isa Qasim must be considered as preparation of the arrest of Ayatollah Qasim and part of the chain of repression by the Al Khalifah regime against the Bahraini people.”

He added that the people’s reaction to the call by the revolutionary forces was swift and despite all the obstacles and confrontation that the regime had created, Bahrainis from various towns marched to Diraz to protest in support of Ayatollah Qasim.

Dr. al-Rashed stressed that the recent actions of the people of Bahrain are a clear signal to the regime in Manama that they never give permission for the regime to attack their leaders and will not allow the regime to arrest Ayatollah Qasim.

“They also will continue to insist that their legitimate demands and rights must be met and won’t abandon their efforts until they’re realized,” he said.

The member of the Islamic Action Society said that the suppression of opponents of the Al Khalifah regime is a stigma on the forehead of the international community and the claimants of democracy and said, “International organizations can be considered the spectators of the violations of the Al Khalifah. They have been silent in the face of the various crimes carried out by the regime, the most important of which is the usurpation of political power.”

Dr. al-Rashed referred to the role of Bahraini youth in the protection of the life of their leader and their persistence in fulfilling his demands and added that Ayatollah Qasim has a very special and lofty position among the people of Bahrain. “He is a symbol of the Bahraini Revolution and a symbol of the dignity of the Bahraini people. Through their courageous actions, the Bahraini people sent a necessary message to the Al Khalifah,” he said.

Referring to the strong relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom, he said that the British government didn’t just give the green light for the Al Khalifah regime to suppress the Bahraini people but rather it seems that the UK rule over Bahrain.

“All the various institutions and entities of the Bahraini government are, in fact, instruments of the colonialists – the UK and the United States – in the region. In other words, the Al Khalifah aren’t supressing the Bahraini people, but rather, the Americans and the British are,” Dr. al-Rashed stressed.