MOSCOW, Dec. 25 (Press Shia) – Both the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the crash of the missing Tu-154, saying that the debris of the aircraft and alleged personal belongings of passengers were discovered in the Black Sea.

Russia’s missing TU-154 aircraft fell into the Black Sea as its fragments were discovered 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from the sea shore of Sochi at a depth of 50-70 meters (164-184 feet), the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said Sunday.

“Fragments of the Russian Defense Ministry’s TU-154 aircraft were discovered in 1.5 kilometers from the Black Sea shore of Sochi at a depth of 50-70 meters,” the ministry said. A source in Russia’s security services in a comment to RIA Novosti also said that the plane crashed in the Black Sea.

SPUTNIK/Press Shia