Press Shia Agency – The Deputy Secretary of Hezbollah said: “The war against Syria is for the purpose of turning Syria into a Zionist entity.

Press Shia Agency – “Liberation of Aleppo is the victory of the Syrian government and the resistance in a battle in which US and the Zionist regime were striving to turn the country into a Zionist entity,” Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said in an interview with a local TV channel.


The Lebanese scholar also noted that in dealing with domestic affairs, Hezbollah will never use the term ‘win’ or ‘lose’. We will never say we won the presidency over other political parties of Lebanon.


Sheikh Qassem described Hezbollah’s relations with other political parties inside Lebanon as perfect adding: “despite some rumors that have been spread by our enemies, we enjoy a perfect relation with parties like Amal Movement, El Marada and Free Patriotic Movement inside Lebanon.


He further noted that Hezbollah still insists on having a new law for elections but added: “Hezbollah is not after using its political power to pass such legislations against the will of other parties.”


Sheikh Qassem also congratulated the birthday of Masih (PBUH) and said: “Muslims and Christians within Lebanon have good relations with each other and we totally respect that.”


“Hezbollah’s wars and victories against the Zionist enemy have benefited Christians of the region a lot and we’re so happy about that,” he added.