TEHRAN, Dec. 27 (Press Shia Agency) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has told his seminary session 30 Dec. 2009 event proved intellectual underpinnings of the event were dominant in the minds and hearts of the masses.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s brief address was important in that it was delivered just ahead of the anniversary of December 30, 2009 when massive public rallies were held in response to the post-election unrests, organized to some extent by the foreign intelligence and their domestic accomplices earlier in December.

“The enemy had been working to deprive the system of its elements of power, since we have been a source of concern for the imperialist powers through resisting their temptations to receive them at home and surrender the country to them,” he told the session. “December 30 event was a response to such efforts, which displayed belief of people in the Establishment and proved the mindset as an element of power for the Islamic Republic; during the event, no single individual was to be credited with the success, but the collective mentality moved masses toward a certain outcome.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also believed that the reason why the imperialism would not tolerate a country was since a historic event mobilized the rage of a nation against imperialist interests; “a country of ample natural, economic and human resources and which has something to say to world people would garner many enemies by the same virtue; our army and military support our theories of conduct and ideology; this is a sufficient cause they would confront us in all fields,” he emphasized.

Leader specifically turned to December 30, 2009 as the crystallization of the Establishment’s power; “the extraordinary event brought to streets the masses, since the intellectual underpinnings of the event were dominant in the minds and hearts; the enemy would resort to any device including blandishment and threats as well to tantalize us with its attractions; they prevented us from being  a nuclear power; ban on nuclear weapons has significant religious and rational pillars; however, other corridors to turn a power are still open and the nation and the system will definitely exhaust such paths to the national glory,” he concluded, reiterating the Islamic fundamentals of the ban on nuclear and mass destruction weapons.