TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected allegations of human rights violation raised by the US State Department in its annual report, saying the US government itself is the biggest violator of human rights.

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In a statement on Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi categorically rejected the annual human rights report on Iran released by the US Department of State.

“The US government has been the biggest violator of the Iranian nation’s human rights and has taken every measure in violation of the rights of Iranian citizens by imposing illegal, unilateral and transboundary sanctions,” Qassemi stated.

He said the US is pointing the finger of blame at others while it has a dark record of violation of human rights and has been repeatedly criticized by international organizations and figures for it.

The spokesman slammed as “politically-motivated, biased, and wrong” the interpretations and analyses on Iran cited in the US State Department’s report, stressing that the US, with such a dark and indefensible record of violation of human rights, is in no position to comment about Iran’s human rights situation.

He also deplored Washington’s unilateral policies in defiance of international regulations, its instrumental use of human rights for undermining the stability and security of independent states, its flagrant support for the Zionist regime’s atrocities against Palestinians, and its arbitrary arrest of journalists, adding that US arms sales to its Middle East allies have destabilized the region and aggravated the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.