The speaker of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed that his political party is highly averse to the domineering polices of the US against some countries, including, Islamic Republic of Iran.

RNA – Secretary-General of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Humam Hamoudi, in the ceremony held in Najaf Ashraf for commemoration of Shahid Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammadbaqir Hakim, stressed the interwoven interests of the countries of the region.

He said, “if the fire of sedition starts in a part of the region, it will spread to others and we are supposed to stand away from the tension-creating policies of the Zionists in seeking our interests”.

Sheikh Humam Hamoudin invited all liberal movements of the region to resort to the policy of cooperation relying the common interests, and then stressing his aversion to the sedition-provoking of the enemies of the nations, stated, “we can succeed in pushing enemies back through insistence on the rights of the nations, including Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and etc., what we have learnt from Shahid Ayatollah Hakim and his grand teachers, Imam Khomeini and Shahid Muhammadbaqir Sadr”.

Rasa News Agency


Source by [Rasa News Agency]