TEHRAN, Dec. 27 (Press Shia) – Pakistani cultural attaché has said the embassy would help Mehr News Agency establish office in Islamabad.

Mr. Birij Lal Dossani, Press, Culture, and Education Counsellor in Pakistani embassy in Tehran sat in a brief interview with Mohammad Ghaderi of Mehr News International Service after a visit to the Agency’s foreign language and international desks. The meeting discussed prospects of improvement in media and cultural ties between Iranian and Pakistan’s English and Urdu language media.

Mohammad Ghaderi, head of Foreign News in the Agency, believed that Mehr News would seek to improve cultural ties with Pakistan through introducing Iranian culture in Mehr News Agency’s Urdu desk website and hosting Pakistani cultural news in the same website. “This would bolster ties with the Subcontinent countries who speak Urdu, especially with Pakistan,” Ghaderi told Dossani during a commentary to present Pakistani attaché with some information on the International and foreign language desks. “The colonialist powers especially Britain had waged efforts to culturally isolate the Subcontinent countries and restrict their relations to the rest of the world; however, with Islam a cementing element of the nations, Iran and Pakistan will definitely be a hard option to crack and will remain friends.”

Mr. Dossani for his part believed that Pakistan bore cultural resemblances to Iran, evident in the architecture of the cities; “we welcome Iranian news agencies to Pakistan and would actively support establishment of an office by Mehr News Agency in Islamabad, and possibly other important cities,” he said briefly.