TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (Press Shia Agency) – Foreign Minister Zarif has responded a letter by art celebrities and law experts to call FM for ‘more diplomatic dynamism’ directed to address Narges Kalbasi’s case in Indian court.

Mr. Zarif received the letter earlier and his response was to pledge ‘to exhaust all diplomatic and political venues in the case of Iranian charity activist Narges Kalbasi;’ “I received disappointing news of the situation she had been trapped in during a court trial based on unfounded allegations; the Foreign Ministry will mobilize its resources to help her out of the desperate situation,” said Zarif in the letter. “Mrs. Kalbasi had been an unselfish charity worker working in one of the most unprivileged parts of India among the communities in the edges of the Indian mainstream society; my colleagues in the embassy in New Delhi and in Iranian consulate-general in Hyderabad have engaged in the story and were watching the developments closely,” the letter said.

“During my latest visit to India earlier this week, I raised the case with Indian high-ranking officials and demanded fair hearing of her case in the court; we would do our best so that Mrs. Narges Kalbasi feels that the justice is implemented on her case in par with her services and humanitarian work for the untrodden and the underrepresented folks of India,” Zarif pledged.

“Hereby I express my gratitude to all signatories of the letter and the care lavished upon our inherent duties to protect Iranians around the globe; the FM and embassies around the world have a responsibility to defend the rights of Iranian students, tradesmen, cultural workers, etc., and will use all resources to support them in every spot in the world,” Zarif promised.