Rasa – The revered source of emulation reacted to the efforts of the United States to ‎declare the IRGC as a terrorists to terrorist organization and stressed that this indicates their ‎frustration, failure and impatience.‎

RNA – In a meeting with a group of members of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps ‎‎(IRGC) of Qazvin province, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani reacted to the United ‎States’ designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization and stated, “This decision reflects ‎the frustration, failure and impatience of the enemies.”‎

The source of emulation added, “The United States wants to introduce the IRGC and ‎Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and this represents Donald Trump’s distress. The IRGC ‎are warriors and are favoured by God. Trump and the Americans are terrorists in the literal ‎meaning of the word and wherever they have gone, we have seen nothing except for ‎destruction and criminal actions. Who is Trump to declare the IRGC a terrorist organization?”‎

He stated that the activities of the IRGC are in the direction of the dignity and greatness of ‎Islam and the Islamic Revolution and added, “The commanders of the IRGC also issued ‎warnings about this vicious decision. Islamic Iran has abundant power to give a decisive ‎answer in the case of an attack by the enemies.”‎

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani celebrated the arrival of the jihadi armed forces, especially the ‎IRGC, to serve Islam and the Islamic Revolution in all fields and said, “If it wasn’t for the ‎help of Iran’s armed forces, especially the IRGC, Iraq and Syria couldn’t achieve victory over ‎the enemies’ conspiracies in creating and supporting Daesh.”‎

His Eminence added, “Imam Khomeyni said that God provided all the prophets whom He ‎chose with two powers – the book of guidance and jihad. All goodness is in the shadow of ‎jihad and in Islam, jihad is never closed and the spirit of jihad must be pursued in all ‎respects.”‎

He argued that the Islamic society and Muslims can’t remain silent and indifferent in the face ‎of the enemies and stated, “The duty of the Islamic ummah is to engage in jihad in all ‎respects to neutralize the enemies’ plots.”‎

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani ‎added, “During the Sacred Defence era [Iran-Iraq War] the jihadis ‎were able to strengthen the greatness of Islam and the progress of the Revolution. The ‎IRGC chose a jihadi occupation to serve the cause of Islam and the Revolution with their ‎jihadi spirit.”‎

He stated that the enemies have turned the war from a hard war to a soft war against Islam ‎and the Revolution and added, “Insight, courage and religious culture are very important in ‎confronting the soft war, and we must confront the soft war in an intelligent manner.” 

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]