TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – An American political analyst described the recent decision by President Donald Trump to blacklist the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a “hypocritical” move meant to appease “American Zionists”.

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“Donald Trump’s labeling of the IRGC as a “Terrorist Group” is both intellectually dishonest and hypocritical. This move is designed to further placate American Zionists, both Jewish and Evangelicals,” Rodney Martin, a former congressional staffer based in Los Angeles, told Press Shia Agency.

Following is the full text of the interview.

Press Shia Agency: The Trump administration on Monday labeled IRGC as a “terrorist group” and claimed, “This unprecedented step, led by the Department of State, recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft”. What is your take on the move?

Martin: Donald Trump’s “labeling” of the IRGC as a “Terrorist Group” is both intellectually dishonest and hypocritical. This move is designed to further placate American Zionists, both Jewish and Evangelicals.  This, combined with Trump’s political blessing of Israel’s theft of the Golan Heights is designed to give a boost to Benjamin Netanyahu who is in a very tough election which he may well lose. The IRGC was instrumental in defeating ISIL (Daesh) and coming to the aid of Iraq, while the US and Saudi Arabia had created ISIL, this clearly places the US in the position of a State Sponsor of Terrorism. Not to mention the economic terrorism the US uses around the globe to attempt to impose its will on Peoples & Countries that often VOTE differently than the US wishes them to, i.e. Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc.

Press Shia Agency: Later in the day, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council in turn designated US forces in West Asia, known as the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), as a terrorist organization. What are your thoughts on this?

Martin: This is absolutely appropriate given the actions and conduct by US CENTCOM, specifically its support and complicity in the Terror War on the people of Yemen, the droning of civilians in the region and the Black Ops which CENTCOM routinely engages in which violates the sovereignty of numerous countries. The US via CENTCOM has waged terroristic actions on peoples who have little ability to defend themselves versus the immense state provided resources brought to bear on them in the form of drones, stealth technology, illegal surveillance (even on Heads of State) and the deployment of “Hit Squads” in the form of “Special Operations” in the dead of night most often leaving dead women and children in their wake.

Press Shia Agency: As you know, Trump announced the decision on the eve of Israel’s election. Netanyahu took credit for the move and said, “Thank you, my dear friend, President Donald Trump,” Netanyahu tweeted in Hebrew, “for answering another one of my important requests”. What do you think?

Martin: Well of course, as I stated this was also a move to assist Netanyahu in a very tough election, but beyond that, this was also yet another gift to the Jewish Lobby in the United States. It should be noted that just this past weekend, Trump was singing the praises of Netanyahu at the “Republican Jewish Coalition” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interestingly, Trump referred to Netanyahu at this gathering of supposed “American Jews” as “their Prime Minister”, this is very revealing. It should also be noted that Trump’s Evangelical Christian Base who have cast aside their morality in favor of idolatry in the form of blind Trump Support would joyously welcome Netanyahu as a President of the US, this was affirmed in a Poll of Evangelicals when Netanyahu addressed Congress during the Administration of Barack Obama in an attempt to block the Iran Nuclear Deal. The fact is when the Jewish Lobby and Israel, regardless of who is Prime Minister says jump, Donald Trump just starts jumping without asking how high. Donald Trump is the most foreign compromised President in US history, by Israel, NOT Russia. The real investigation into interference in US political affairs should be conducted regarding Israeli infiltration and influence.