TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi hit back at US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his anti-Tehran remarks, saying that there is “a global demand” for a change in the US regime’s nature due to its moves against the international law.     

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“Fortunately, as time passes, the rulers of the current regime of America uncover their own manners more and better than their predecessors,” Mousavi said in a statement on Wednesday.

The US officials first called for a change in Iran’s behavior and then called for a change in the Islamic Establishment of the country and now, they call for a change in the nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he added.

“But the one that needs a change in its nature is the US regime not Iran,” the spokesman stated.

“The international community’s growing opposition to (Washington’s) behaviors and acts that are contrary to the international law has led to a global demand for a change in the nature of the US regime,” he added.

Mousavi’s remarks came after Pompeo said at Texas A&M University on Monday that the US is seeking to exert “maximum pressure to change the very nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“Today’s the day that IRGC designation comes into effect and it was a day I wanted to be with them to hear their views of how our policy is affecting the lives of the people inside of Iran and how our policy is leading to what we hope, which is a change in the nature and the behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he told reporters at Dallas, according to a press release by the US Department of State.

On April 8, US President Donald Trump announced that Washington is designating the IRGC a foreign “terrorist organization”, marking the first time the US has formally labeled another country’s military a terrorist group.

Responding to the move, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council immediately declared the US as a state sponsor of terrorism and US forces in the region terrorists.

The SNSC said it has put CENTCOM on its terror list as a “reciprocal measure” against the US “illegal and unwise” move.