Different problems in the seminary family has caused al-Azhar to both review its law of personal status and provide a practical solution to the problems.

RNA – The law of personal status and adaption of religious rules and orders to the international regulations based on the date needs of the society have long been a serious concern before the Egyptian al-Azhar. Prohibition of the marriage of non-mature girls, banning polygamy, sameness of man and woman in receiving equitable shares of inheritance, the subjects on the alimony of the relatives and etc. are some challenging issues before al-Zahar.    

Recently, the law of personal status, drafted by al-Azhar and then examined by a committee of grand scholars, have been finalized, and it is going to be signed by Ahamad Tayyeb, Egypt al-Azhar Sheikh, and it will soon be sent to the legal organizations to be implemented.

The new law, employing the advices of legal experts and researchers on the needs of the society and occurring issues, is different from its precedents in terms of structure and content.

The new law has some positive features, including adoption of a realistic approach, as well as following the approach of “Fiqh (Jurisprudence) as a solution to the problems of the society”.

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