The chairman of the Seminary’s Service Centre appreciated the jihadi (voluntarily and without economic beneficial) presence of the seminary students and clerics in the flood-stricken areas and their financial and nonfinancial aids to the victims of floods.

RNA – The chairman of the Seminary’s Service Centre, Hujjat al-Islam Sayeed Hassan Rabbani, in the course of the visit made by the officials of the said centre to Grand Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi, presented a report on the activities and steps taken by the Seminary’s Service Centre.

Pointing to the recent floods occurred in some areas of the country, he stressed, “seminary students and scholars acted brilliantly in providing the victims of floods with their helps and aids, they presented their generous aids despite all their financial and life difficulties”.

The chairman of the Service Centre described the sacrifices made by the clerics as laudable and then said, “Fortunately, nowadays in social arenas, clerics are more active than the past, and it shows their responsibility”.

Saying that the Seminary’s Service Centre has received 800 million Tooman aids provided for the flood-stricken people, he stated, “Clerics and seminary students have also presented their financial and nonfinancial aids through other paths”.

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