Hujjat al-Islam Madani, explaining the characteristics of the Seminary commensurate with the Islamic Revolution, mentioned bolstering the intellectual base of the system as the main priority in guarding the Islamic Revolution.

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Madani, in an interview explaining the mutual services of the Islamic Revolution and seminaries, described the confrontation of the clerics with the facts and the presence of clerics in all the scientific and cultural arenas as a service to the clerics by the Islamic Revolution and bolstering the intellectual base and provision of the required human forces as the services of the Seminary to the Islamic Revolution.

Due to the president of Jamia az-Zahra, bolstering the intellectual base of Islamic Revolution is the main priority that should be considered by the seminary society in guarding the Islamic Revolution.

He also pointed to the definition of the revolutionary seminary and said that the characteristics of a revolutionary seminary are present in a revolutionary seminary student.

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