TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran is closely monitoring the developments in Sudan and urges a peaceful transition of power in the African country without any foreign interference, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said.

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In comments about the recent political unrest in Sudan and the overthrow of its president Omar al-Bashir after 30 years in power, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said Tehran is closely monitoring the developments and the public protests in the African country.

Iran emphasizes the need for the fulfillment of the legitimate demands of Sudanese people, peaceful transition of power, an end to violence, and also non-interference by any foreign side in Sudan, he added.

“We consider a rapid transition of power to civilians and correction of the wrong decisions such as deployment of Sudanese troops to Yemen for fratricide as necessary for the settlement of the country’s problems and materialization of demands of the great Sudanese nation,” Mousavi said.

Earlier this month, Omar al-Bashir was forced out of power by his right-hand man after 30 years in power.

Defense minister and vice president, General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf, declared the removal of al-Bashir in a statement on April 11 and also announced the suspension of the Constitution, the imposition of a state of emergency and the formation of a transitional military council headed by him.

But just two days later, after mass protests continued to call for the whole regime to step down, Ibn Auf resigned along with his deputy, General Kamal Abdelmarouf al-Mahi.