TEHRAN, Jan. 02 (Press Shia) – Iranian deputy FM stressed Bishop Hilarion Capucci stood up for the cause of the Liberation of Palestine to the end of his life and remained as the symbol of freedom, tolerance and coexistence of Christians of the Orient and Muslims.

In a note issued on Sunday to ask forgiveness for Bishop Hilarion Capucci, Syrian Catholic bishop who served as the titular archbishop of Caesarea in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Jaberi Ansari hailed his resistance on the ideals of the liberation of Palestine from Zionist occupation until the end of his life.

Bishop Capucci, 94, was sentenced to prison by the Zionists regime in 1974 for alleged support for Palestinian resistance; he passed away on Sunday in Rome of Italy, after serving four years of prison and deported to Italy by the pressing of Vatican and the Pope, Jaberi Ansari noted.

He underlined that Capucci was the first foreign guest of Imam Khomeini after the Islamic Revolution.

“He was actually an instance of Quran that says “you will find them the most affectionate and devoted people towards the believers; those who say we are Christians; this is because some of them are pious and righteous and never proud.”

Jaberi Ansari concluded that “to commemorate his enduring memories, we ask the Almighty God for his forgiveness and pray for the freedom of Palestinian nation from occupation.”