TEHRAN, Jan. 02 (Press Shia) – Former Iraqi prime minister and current deputy-president has rejected possibilities of a Mosul division after ISIL is ousted out of the city.

Mr. Nouri Kamil al-Maliki who is visiting Tehran had a press conference in Azadi Hotel in northern quarters of the capital on Monday. On post-ISIL Mosul, Mr. al-Maliki believed the city and its future was key to Iraqi politics; “the city is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including no less important Kurdish elements as well; there is real concerns on the prospects of the city after defeat of ISIL and many countries see the city as an option for their expansionist policies; currently, the active political forces in Iraq are working to fashion a sort of political unity for the city,” he told the press. “The future election in Iraq is crucial for State of Law Coalition and the party seeks a non-tribal and nationally-centered approach which would not recognize party lines and tribal allegiances in division of political power.”

On Iraq-Syria relations, former prime minister believed both countries faced similar threats; “there has been historical links between both capitals since the dawn of history; there have been mutual impacts on both sides’ stability,” he added.

Al-Maliki declined to comment on Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani’s rejection of any national coalition; “the apolitical nature of the traditional Shia jurists would play a part in rejection of any politically-minded group,” he was terse.

On possible official requests for Iran-US mediation in Mosul case, al-Maliki said only Iran had been true to its promises in supporting Iraq in fighting extremism; “some groups failed to live up to their promises in pledging support for Iraq; Iran provided us with weapons in difficult times and we would appreciate any help by any country who recognized our territorial integrity,” he told the press.